Goals Goals Goals






I’m behind on this one but it’s still one of my favorite days…goal setting day!!

Somehow the last several months have gotten away from me.  The Holiday season with the kids followed by what can be the grind of January had time escaping me – more of it and faster than usual.  All of a sudden it’s almost Valentine’s Day and I haven’t set my goals yet for 2019.  Pretty sure one of them should be to set my goals for 2020 before the end of December.  Also pretty sure I don’t want my theme song to be “I’m behind on this one” so it’s time to get planning.

I’m a big believer in setting big, lofty goals.  The higher the goals the higher I aim.  And there is nothing like a new journal with some fun stickers to get me started.  Yeah, even grown ups need a little sticker inspiration sometimes.

This particular planner gets me in line, focused, and chasing my goals because these big lofty goals are all of a sudden broken into manageable pieces.  I’ve been a fan of a paper planner since my early twenties so I’ve tried pretty much any version I could get my hands on over the years but nothing was right.  Until I happened upon Commit 30.  If you have some things you want to accomplish this year and need to be held to an action plan then this is how you are going to break those goals into bite size pieces.   Bite size pieces that actually get accomplished!  And when you accomplish them you’re going to reward yourself for your effort (hello 90 minute facial – I see you right after I meet Goal #1).

The 2019 planner was the second one I’ve ordered from Commit 30 so I was anxiously awaiting the delivery (which was quick!).  The day I get my planner I like sit down with a cup of tea and start to think about where I want to be at the end of the year.  Nothing haunts me in the days following New Years more than when someone on my Instagram feed posts “do you want to be in this exact same place this time next year?”.  I’m pretty sure everyone’s answer to that is no.

The planner gives you a chance to think about your goals, plans and aspirations in every aspect of your life – career, health, community, joy, travel, adventure and anything else you can think of.  From there you break this down into monthly goals which are further broken down into the tasks you need to perform to reach these goals.

As a working Mom my time was always short but as I shifted into being a Single (and still working) Mom I had no choice but to get really focused.  SM’s – our time is tight every moment of every day.  There is not a single day I want to slip by me where I am not chasing my goals and dreams.  And I think it’s a great example for the kids for them to see goals, planning, commitment, and the best follow through I’ve got in me.

Happy planning people.



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